Talks and Workshops

Speaking and Teaching Calendar of Events

November 2018

November 7-9 2018, DesignOps Summit, New York, NY

August 2018

August 9-10 2018, Prototypes Process and Play, Chicago, IL
August 21-24 2018, UX Week, San Francisco, CA
August 29-31 2018, Frontend Conference, Zurich, Switzerland

[And then a bunch of talks that we missed]

October 2017

October 25-27 2017, Leading Design, London, UK

April 2017

April 20-21, UX in the City, Oxford, UK
April 25, Leading Experience Conference, (details soon), San Francisco, CA

March 2017

March 20, O’Reilly Design Conference, San Francisco, CA

February 2017

February 4-8, Interaction 17, New York, NY

November 2016

November 1-2, UI21 Conference, Boston, MA
November 9, Service Design Network Service Design Drinks, San Francisco, CA
November 16, IxDA-SF, Org Design Panel (details soon), San Francisco, CA

September 2016

September 10, Big Design Conference, Dallas, TX
September 23, Communitech, Kitchener, OT
September 24, Fluxible, Kitchener, OT
September 26, eBay meetup, Toronto, OT
September 26-27, DMI Design Leadership Conference, Boston, MA

August 2016

August 11, Prototypes, Process, and Play, Chicago, IL